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Engraving Processes

There are many different engraving processes and we choose the right one for your project. Read on to learn more about our procedures.

Diamond Drag

An industrial diamond is cut to a tip that is dragged through the metal, plowing the metal to each side of the cut, very similar to a farmer plowing a field. We use this process to engrave many items in our store like brass clocks, key rings, and metal tankards. We also use diamond gravers for gift merchandise, such as key tags, letter openers, money clips, and picture frames.


On items with a large flat area of coated material, we can burnish it using a carbide or diamond burnisher. The diamond drag engraving is often hard to see because of the thinness of the diamond tip. With burnishing, a carbide or diamond tip is rotated to make a wider line on the engraving material. Most award plaques have a brass plate that is lacquer coated or screen printed with an ink coating. When burnishing, the coating is removed exposing the gold-colored brass underneath. Burnishing is used to engraved coated Cross pens, which we carry.

Laser Lathe

With this process, we use a laser to scan a document like a diploma or anything that has been typeset. It is engraved into brass sheets that are wrapped around a rotating metal drum. The results are that the document is reproduced onto brass at about 250 dpi. We use this process to engrave plates to be attached to gift tags and award plaques. Wedding invitations reproduced in this manner are also popular.


We can take corporate logos, line art, and typesetting and make a mask for etching onto glassware and acrylics for special awards and gifts. From inexpensive glass beer mugs to Jaffa crystal – we do it all, and with stunning results!

Laser Engraving

We can laser directly into wood plaques and acrylic awards. Many of the awards you see presented on TV are of this type. When you want state of the art, best of the best products, laser engraving is where it’s at, and we can supply this service for one piece to hundreds.