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There are many uses for embossers: corporate seals, organization seals, architect seals, and engineer seals. Nowadays, a lot of people are purchasing embossers for their wedding. Couples are making their invitations and designing monograms and artwork symbolizing the wedding. You do need to be mindful of the thickness of the paper used for invitations. Click 'Commonly Asked Questions' below for more information. Engraving Connection is proud to specialize in the unique design for your embosser.

We Sell Desk Embossers

We have found that many people have problems with the handheld version, complaining they cannot get a good impression on the paper. They don't have the hand strength required to make a good impression. The desk embosser overcomes this problem.

Lasers Make The Highest Quality Embossers

We use lasers to produce our embossers. This gives you the highest quality embosser on the market today with sharper lines, crisp detail, and overall a superior product. For easy customization, select one of the styles below and start the ordering process. Contact us if your questions aren't answered in the FAQ section below.

Commonly Asked Questions About Embossers

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If you have a true type font you want to use, email etched@engravecon.com or contact us regarding your preference in font styles. Thin line fonts do not work as well as thicker fonts, especially on heavier papers.



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