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Brass Engraving Plates

Small Brass Plate Engraving Engraved Black Brass Plate Nickel Silver Plate with names engraved on it Copper Plate Engraving

Have your special occasion remembered with an engraving plate. We have many metals and sizes to choose from and it’s only $4.00 to ship! Most of our plates can be shipped next business day via USPS First Class Mail.

More information on the kinds of plates that we engrave

If you are looking for a custom-sized engraving plate, choose the dimensions that are closest to the size you want. In the special instructions section, let us know the exact size you want and we will customize it. Our plates also come with double-sided tape for mounting.


If you don't see the plate size you want, choose the size that is closest in square inches. Then in the Special Instructions section, give us the exact dimensions you need and we'll be happy to customize it.

Metal Type

Small Brass Plate
Black Brass Plate
Black Brass Plate
Nickel Silver Plate
Copper Plate

Corner Trim

Graphic/Logo (if applicable)



6 letters engraved FREE, then 24 cents a letter.

(We recommend that you only fill in the lines with the white background to ensure quality etching.)

Special Instructions

Total: $

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