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Brass Engraving Plate engraved with Optimal Font Birth and Memorial Engraving Plates

We all have special occasions in our lives that need to be remembered from the birth of a child to the death of grandpa or a beloved pet. Scroll down to order.

Special Events Engraving Plates

We are a source for plates for engraving to remember those special events in our lives. Grandpa makes a rocking horse for his grandchild and needs an engraving plate to remember him making the rocking horse. You ran a marathon and actually finished the race needs a plate engraved with your name, time, date and marathon you ran in. What is your special event? - engrave it? Scroll down to order.

Photo Frame Engraving Plates

We have the photo frame with a cherished picture of loved ones who have passed away. It needs a Photo Frame engraving plate with names and dates. I'm sure you have photos of graduations, retirements that beg to have a name and date engraved. Scroll down to order.

Military Engraving Plates

The military unit needs to have a military engraving plate to honor someone in the unit for leadership. Maybe your putting together a shadow box with your medals. This needs an engraving plate with your tours of service with dates. Make your shadow box special - engrave it! Memorial Flag boxes also need such a plate. Scroll down to order.

Remember any Special Occasion Engraving Plates

Weddings and Anniversary photo frames beg to have an engraving plate. Other people need to identify different things like, Property of engraving plates, Wine Rack or Wine Cellar engraving plates, Donation engraving plates, Sports, Achievement engraving plates, Hunting Trophy engraving plates. The list goes on and on. Scroll down to order.

Have your special occasion remembered with an engraving plate. We have many metals and sizes to choose from. Only $3.00 for shipping.

Engraving Plate Samples

Brass Plate Brass Engraving Plate with Optimal Font
Black Brass Plate
Displayed with white background
Black Brass Plate Engraved using Roman Double Font
Nickel Silver PlateNickel Silver plate engraved using Victoria Script font
Copper PlateCopper Engraving Plate Font Victoria Script

Plates come with double sided tape for mounting.
Most plates shipped the next business day by First Class U.S. Mail.

Order Your Engraving Plates

Brass Plates - Nickel Silver Plates - Black Brass Plates - Copper Plates
Leaded Brass Plates

If you are looking for a custom size engraving plate, pick the size that is closest to the size you want. In the special Instruction section of the shopping cart, tell us the exact size you want and we will custom make it.

Select the font for your plate. You may click to enlarge the picture of the fonts.

6Gould Font

Check here if including a graphic (logo) - $20.00
Logo (if applicable)
Use Export file formats like .eps

Check here if including a stock logo - $5.00
Logo name (please type in)

Select the size of brass plate.
0.5 x 2 $7.00
0.75 x 2.75 $7.00
1 x 3 $7.00
1.5 x 3 $8.00
2 x 3
1.5 x 4
2 x 5
2 x 6
2 x 10

Engraving Metal Choices


Black Brass Engraves gold brass letters

Leaded Brass (2X regular price) This is a softer brass so we can engrave deeper. When we darken the letters, it is a darker black compared to regular brass.

Nickel Silver

Copper (2X regular price)

Corner Trim

Square Corners
Notched Corners

Enter text on Engraving Plate
We recommend that you only fill in the lines with the white background to insure quality etching.
Each line can be longer than the box size.
6 letters engraved FREE, then 24 cents a letter.

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4
Line 5
Line 6

Total : $


Additional Information / Special Instructions

Monte uses engraving plates for his wood working projects. 

Ribbon Box with engraving plate

I made a ribbon plague for a young lady that helps me with my horses. I made two different ones so she could hang her ribbons from the horse shows.

Tammy Schell

Thank you so very much for a beautiful job and done so promptly….. It really looks lovely on the urn. Thank you again for taking the time to do this little job.

Jo-Edith Heffron

Toy Truck with a brass engraving plate

The sign and name plates turned out perfect! I am so pleased with the finished product. The brass plates are a great finishing touch and make them a real heirloom for the 5 and 7 year old grandchildren. Thanks for your prompt turnaround on this item.

Gary Geddes

Thanks for the prompt update. You folks are going to have that name plate here before I have the Granddaughter's toy chest stained! I beat you to it! I already have added your site to my 'Favorite Places" list. I don't make a lot of things, but from tine to time I will be needing other name plates, and now I know where to get them.

Thanks again...
Oxford, GA.

Golf Club Collection with engraving plate

My Dad's photos leave a bit to be desired but here is how I used the order on the new club rack featuring his Permisson golf clubs he used back in the 1960-80's.
No names please.

Morse Code key with engraved plate

I use the brass plates on my keys which are custom made for ham radio. They are used to send Morse code through an electronic keyer. Appreciate the quality engraving you are doing for me.
Tony Baleno

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